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The History of the Cariboo Gold Rush is the Story of British Columbia and belongs to all Canadians, for that matter, to all the World's citizens. The Rush was not one of British colonists, Yankee 49'ers, nor even Canadians - it was the massing of many cultures and many peoples from around the globe. Today, the history of that gold rush and the inspiration of the peoples who came to make a new life - and ended up building a province - lives on in the spirit of a very different time... Barkerville.

Welcome to the Cariboo Sentinel, the second oldest surviving newspaper in British Columbia. We have provided this site in order that this incredible history may be presented to the greatest number of people possible. It may seem odd that a newspaper that prides itself on historical integrity, indeed, one that is situated in such a place as Barkerville, would embrace new information technology in favour of the old ways. But we embrace the New least for its novelty and most in recognition that it is the best medium or window, through which this history and its traditions may be more thoroughly explored.

Enjoy your journeys...

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