Editorial & Advertising Policies

1. Editorial & Research Policy

Many of the articles published in the Cariboo Sentinel II are taken from much older periodicals and may reflect views concerning race, gender, financial status, height, weight, origin, culture &c. that were widely held and espoused at that time. Publication of these articles does in no way mean that they represent the views or opinions of the Ministry of Small Business, Tourism & Culture, nor of the publisher, nor of the staff of the Cariboo Sentinel Newspaper. In the interest of providing a window on our heritage, rather than a filter, or to bow to the pressures of political correctness, traditionalism or a particular political viewpoint, our editorial staff have made the decision to retain, in all instances, the original text and meaning of these articles. For articles not taken verbatim from older publications, we try to shed light on all aspects of the issue, rather than from the most popular. In this context, and from this context only, we hope that in reading our paper, you may learn something from it.

2a. Advertising Placement Policy (Cariboo Sentinel II)

The Cariboo Sentinel reserves the right, without further liability, to particular placement of advertising copy; to make editorial changes to any advertising program, or to charge for failure to deliver copy by the specified publication date after space has been reserved. All copy submitted for publication becomes the property of The Cariboo Sentinel unless otherwise arranged.

2b. Advertising Placement Policy (WWW)

All ads are placed in the banner position on all pages. Banner ads are defined to be located near the top of an HTML document (web page) and visible when the document is first displayed.

3. Sponsorship Restrictions

The Cariboo Sentinel reserves the right to refuse any sponsorship request, or to cancel sponsorships that do not fulfill the obligations set in the contract. The Cariboo Sentinel reserves the right to refuse advertising it deems inappropriate.

4. Acceptance of Advertising Policy

Advertising is accepted and published entirely on the consideration that the advertiser and/or agency will indemnify The Cariboo Sentinel and Cariboo-net.com harmless from and against any claims or suits based upon any aspect of subject matter of the advertisement on the Barkerville and/or other linked web sites or in The Cariboo Sentinel II.

Advertising is accepted with the understanding that the advertiser has a right to publish the contents. The Cariboo Sentinel reserves the right to approve advertising or reject that which it considers unacceptable as to wording, appearance, or for any other reason.. The publisher's liability is limited to the amount of the reduction in the value of the advertising due to the publisher's error or omission, which shall not exceed the total cost payable for the advertising space.

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