1. Thou shalt have no claim than one.

2. Thou shalt not take unto thyself any false claim.

3. Thou shalt not go prospecting before thy claim gives out.

4. Thou shalt not think more of all thy gold, nor how thou canst make it fastest, than how thou wilt enjoy it after.

5. Thou shalt not kill thy body by working in the rain. Neither shall you kill thy neighbor's body in a duel. Neither shalt thou destroy thyself by getting "tight" or "stewed."

6. Thou shalt not grow discouraged, nor think of going home before thou hast made thy "pile."

7. Thou shalt not steal a pick, or a pan, or a shovel, from thy fellow miner, nor take away his tools without his leave; nor borrow those he cannot spare; nor remove his stake to enlarge thy claim; nor cheat thy partner out of his share.

8. Thou shalt not tell any false tales about "good diggings in the mountains" to thy neighbors, that thou mayest benefit a friend who hath mules, and provisions, and tools, and blankets he cannot sell.

9. Thou shalt not commit unsuitable matrimony, nor covet "single blessedness," nor forget about absent maidens, nor neglect thy first love; but you shalt consider how faithfully and patiently she waiteth thy return.

10. If thou hast a wife and little ones, that thou lovest dearer than thy life, keep them continually before you to cheer and urge thee onward until thou canst say "I have enough; God bless them; I will return."

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