Victoria, British Columbia


After the Governor's speech had been read on motion of Hon. Humphreys, the enclosure providing terms for Confederation was read: The Government scheme of Confederation is briefly as follows: - Canada is to assume the colonial debt; the population of British Columbia is rated at 120,000, and as the debt of British Columbia is less than that of the other provinces, British Columbia is to be allowed interest at the rate of 5 per cent, per annum, payable half-yearly in advance, on the difference between the actual amount of its indebtedness and the indebtedness per head of the population of other other provinces. For the support of the local government the Dominion is to grant yearly the sum of $35,000 and 80 cents per head for each inhabitant - our population being rated, as before stated, at 120,000 - and the rate 80 cents per head to be continued until the population reaches 400,000, at which rate the subsidy will remain fixed.

The surveys for a line of railroad to be commenced at once; a wagon road to be completed within 3 years after Confederation; the railroad to be commenced on the Pacific side in 3 years after Confederation, and not less than $1000,000 to be spent in any one year in its construction. The Canadian Government is to guarantee five per cent interest on a loan of £100,000 for the construction of a graving dock at Esquimalt. To provide fortnightly steam communication with San Francisco; regular communication with Nanaimo and the interior. To build and maintain a Marine Hospital and Lunatic Asylum at Victoria, and a penitentiary in any part of the colony it may deem advisable; defray the expenses of the Judicial, Postal and Customs Departments; to use all its influence to retain Esquimalt as a station for Her Majesty's ships, and to the establishment of a volunteer force in the colony; the same protection and immunities enjoyed by the Provinces are to be extended to British Columbia; this colony will be allowed 8 members in the House of Commons and 4 in the Senate, and the present officers of the Government to be pensioned by Canada.

Hon. DeCosmos moved - For a committee to inquire into the state of efficiency of the Lands and Works Department. For papers and information as to the appointment of Hons. Carrall and Helmcken to the Executive Council. For returns of the Road Tax in the various Road Districts. For naming a day for going into committee on the terms of Confederation and gave notice that he would ask whether Government intends paying the salaries of school teachers as provided for in the grant of 1869.

MARCH 5, 1870

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