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Trivia from 1869

Gas was first used in London in 1807, Pall Mall being the street earliest illuminated.

It has been determined to construct 7,000 more miles of railway in India.

Red satin shoes and no stockings in the Court dress of Paraguay.

Washington county, Indiana, is flooded with the circulars of the Vigilance Committees, which threatens to take the law into their own hands unless the perpetrators of recent crimes in that locality are brought to justice.

The new French Minister of War, Marshal MacMahon, is a genuine descendant of Irish stock, one of his Christian names being Patrick.

Pulling a man's nose is no trifling offence in the city of Boston, Mass. Recently a nose-puller was sentenced to two months' imprisonment.

An editor was attacked by a man for some personal grievance. The editor says: "To avoid injuring him and prevent his injuring us, we got out of the way."

The Canadian salmon fisheries have never been known to be so productive as they have proved this year.

The French Senate is composed of the cardinals, marshals, and admirals of the realm, and a number of other members, not exceeding 150, nominated by the Emperor. Each senator has a salary of 30,000 FF or £1,200 per annum. The dignity is irrevocable and for life; the members of the Senate, however, are allowed to resign their post.

A street-car conductor says that just seven ladies out of one hundred say "thank you," when gentlemen resign their seats to them.

A Connecticut clergyman says that only one person in fifty believes in the doctrine of eternal punishment for himself; while all believe in it for others.

Very large lots of iron are being sent to England and the United States from the smelting works at Woodstock, Carleton county, N. B.

A tipsy Irishman, as a funeral procession was passing by, was asked who was dead. "I can't exactly say, sir," said he, "but I presume it's the jintleman in the coffin."

An extraordinary yield of mica has been obtained during the week past in the mines of the New York Mica Company, in the township of Burgess, Ontario. During the time stated the Perth Courier informed by the agent of the company, Mr. J FruBaker, that the value of mica taken out will amount to $2,500 in gold. This may be considered a very good return for one week's work, where there were only nineteen men employed altogether.

A terrible waterspout burst in American Fork canyon, Utah, on the 28th August, the flood carrying away seven bridges, and doing a great deal of damage.

Mr. George Peabody has added another magnificent gift to the long list of his generous benefactions. he has just donated to the Trustees of Washington College, Va., the sum of $60,000, to endow an additional professorship which Gen. Lee, President of the College, has been anxious to secure for the institution. Mr. Peabody is prolonging his stay at White Sulphur Springs, W. Va. where his health is improving.

OCTOBER 20, 1869

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