Barkerville, Williams Creek, Cariboo


1. Allow at least 5 days each way for a distance of 100 miles, provided the road is good. Carry a gun.

2. Make out last will and testament.

3 . It is recommended that you shave head. Indians have no interest in hairless scalps.

4. If the Stage runs away, or is pursued by Indians, stay in the . coach and take your chances. Don't jump out, or you will be either injured or scalped.

5. In cold weather, abstain from liquor or you are subject to freezing quicker if under the influence than if you are cold sober, but if you are drinking, pass it around. Be sure to procure all stimulants before leaving the station for ranch whiskey is not nectar.

6. Don't smoke strong cigars or pipe on the leeward side. Share buffalo robes with others in the cold weather.

7. Don't swear, snore, or lop over others. don't shoot firearms for pleasure while en route, as it scares the horses.

8. While in the statlon, don't lag at wash basins or in privies. Don't grease hair with bear grease or buffalo tallow as travel is very dusty.

9. Don't discuss politics or religion. Don't point out sites where
robberies or Indian attacks have taken place.

10. Don't imagine you are going on a picnic, for stage travel is very inconvenient.

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