Barkerville, Williams Creek, Cariboo


OF 1866

We are dancing girls in Cariboo,

And we're liked by all the men,

In gum boots and a blanket coat-

And e'en the upper ten!

We all of us have see-eet-hearts,

But the dearest of all to me!

Is that young man who wistfully

Casts those sheep's-eyes at me!

Chorus-"Is that young man,"etc.

O ev'ry night at eight o'clock,

We enter the saloon-

Altho' it may be vacant then,

'Tis crowded very soon.

Then all the boys they stare at us,

But we do not mind that so

Like those four-and-twenty Welshmen,

All sitting in a row.

Chorus-"Like those," etc.

O' what a charming thing it is,

To have a pretty face-

To know that one can kill as well

In calico as lace;

We steal the hearts of everyone,

But the dearest of all to me,

Is that dear boy with the curly head,

Who loves me faithfully,

Chorus-"Is that dear boy," etc.

To all the boys of Cariboo,

This moral-which is right-

From the dancing gals of Cariboo,

You may see on any night-

"Before we either give our hearts,

Or yet our sympath-ee,

You must be like this dear young man,

Who spends his all on me!"

Chorus-"You must," etc.

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