Sheepskin Claim (On the Bulkhead), Barkerville, Williams Creek, Cariboo


The Sheepskin Mining Company is pleased to announce that Mr. Patrick McKenna, recently arrived from Ireland, has assumed the proprietorship of his dearly departed uncle's mine and is presently offering the general public access to the gold rich gravels of Williams Creek in the form of investment shares. This mining property is replete with: Water rights (6 Miner's inches of water) 1/4 mile of flume, one 16' Cor nish water wheel, 450' of timbered underground workings, 7 full claims and one fraction (750,000 sq. ft.)

Mr. McKenna is also pleased to announce that he will be retaining the services of his uncle's eminently experienced shift boss, Mr. Daniel Grimsby, formerly of the California Gold Fields.

An investment rally will be conducted at the Sheep skin's water wheel on the world famous Williams Creek. Hand bills will be made available regarding the date and time of this occasion.

Triflers need not participate.

Creditors please note: It is my intention to absolve the company of my uncle's outstanding debts. Please accept my profound gratitude for your continued forbearance in regard to this matter.

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