It appears that the tall female insisted upon occupying the same bed with the newly married pair, that her sister was favourably disposed to the arrangement, and that the husband had agreed to it before the wedding took place, and now indignantly repudiated the contract.

"Won't you go away now, Susan?" said the newly married man, softening his voice.

"No," said she, "I won't so there!"

"Don't you budge an inch," cried the married sister within the room.

"Now now Maria," said the young man to his wife in a piteous tone "don't go to cuttin' up in this way; now don't."

"I'll cut up as much as I wanter!" she sharply replied.

"Well," roared the desperate man, throwing the door wide open and stalking out among the crowd, "jest you two women put on your duds and go right straight home, and bring back the old man and woman, and your grandfather, who is nigh on to a hundred; bring 'em all here and I'll marry the whole comboodle of 'em and we'll all sleep together."

The difficulty was finally adjusted by the tall female taking a room. Wellesville is enjoying itself over the sensation.

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