Boston, New York


On the Boston express train for New York the other evening were two sporting men from the "hub" who, as the cars started from the depot in this city made a great disturbance concerning the seat in the car which they occupied, frightening many ladies and causing much excitement. The train was stopped at the foot of Asylum street, and the roughs were invited to get off. This they refused to do, and officers Ryan, Darling and Crane being nearby and hearing the loud talk, proceeded to render the passengers assistance. Officer Ryan entered the car first, when he was immediately confronted by one of the sports, who drew off to strike him, not knowing the man he had to deal with. The officer parried the blow and sent one in return, which completely demolished the fellow, and he became as docile as a lamb. He was removed to the station house, where he anxiously inquired who the man was who hit him. Sid. Cowles informed him that it was a little chap they kept for such occasions named Ryan. " What, is he the one who knocked Jim Coburn, the fighter?" asked the representative of the "hub." "The same," was the reply. "Well all I van say is, I'd rather have Heenan hit me than have him." - Hartford Courant.

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